Oracy assessment success

Celebrating oracy assessment success in our tutor’s report.

Oracy assessment is building up confidence of young learners. We are proud to work with English Speaking Board and use their suite of syllabuses to teach with. Learners who have to take oracy assessment often worry about the feedback and can’t look at what has been said. So, with this in mind, I want to share with you a typical tutor’s feedback from our Articulate workshops to see how unscary they are. We celebrate oracy success and what the learner has achieved. We believe that anyone who has been brave enough to stand up and speak in front of their peers deserves positive encouragement, regardless. Here’s one and as you will see how encouraging it is.

Presentation success

The students really ‘pulled it out of the bag’ on Friday and I was incredibly proud of them. I don’t think they appreciate the distance they travelled in terms of their self-confidence and presentation skills during the week.

When students are scared of speaking

At the beginning of the week, one student refuse to do it, one walked out and then returning the next day only because we were a better alternative to isolation, one was had many tears, and another who refused to do the mock exam on Thursday and hid under a table!! 

Exam day success

What they achieved on Friday was phenomenal and I think the results will reflect that. Peter and Paul were natural speakers, and Jane’s competitive nature ensured she did the work for it even though at times she struggled, James was so incredibly supportive of everyone and is a real gem. Paula and Simon ‘got there’ and I am only sorry that David chose not to turn up on Friday as he had come out of his shell during the week and would have passed had he taken the assessment

Learners have oracy exam success

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