Case Study:

Cranbrook Education Campus

Workshop: Communicate with Confidence

About Them

A brand new education establishment comprising of an early years nursery, primary school and secondary school. This workshop was with year 10 students of the secondary school.

What We Did

A 3-hour workshop focusing on enhancing communication skills and increasing confidence through knowledge building on what causes nerves, how to use body language well and games that enable students to practise speaking out loud in front of others.

The Results

  • 59% of students said they felt more confident.
  • 47% said they felt happier speaking in front of others.

What They Said


“It was fun and I know not to worry speaking in front of people.”

“I thought it was interesting to learn about why we feel nervous and the origins behind it.”

“It helped my confidence and made me relax.”

“Good to learn the skills of public speaking.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. I really do appreciate the time you spent working with our students. As you can probably tell, it is a huge challenge for some of them. The year 10 students I spoke to after the workshop said they found it both enjoyable and useful and some of them have said they would like to work with me to deliver some peer teaching sessions where they run a workshop based on what they learned.”

Head of English at Cranbrook Education Campus

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