About The Oracy Workshops

Our award-winning workshops involve high energy and fun and help individual find their confidence when speaking. We help individuals to communicate more effectively and help them unlock their confidence. The results of our fun-to-attend workshops are tangible and come with recognised qualifications to add to your CV.

“The growing need for communication and oracy has been identified as a major factor in a young person’s progression whether it’s higher education or their career”

Whether it’s a lack of self-esteem or confidence, we engage the most anxious of individuals in your school, university or workplace. We understand that supporting people with their personal battles to communicate more effectively, discover confidence and polish their speaking skills, are more vital today than ever.

In a fast-paced world of change there is a compelling need for communication support in our schools, workplaces and in relationships.

Our Team

Alison Shorer

I believe that effective oral communication skills are the key to your success whether you are sharing ideas and thoughts with friends or delivering a keynote presentation. I set up The Oracy Workshops, after the success of Articulacy, from my commitment to the art of expressing yourself confidently and naturally. We can assess speaking skills just like any other skills and we can earn valuable qualifications in one for the hardest of the ‘soft’ skills to master. Get in touch and I will tell you how.

Julia Ward

Catherine Pulsifer said, “Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.”  It is so important to communicate effectively, and yet it is something that many people struggle with for many different reasons. I have been teaching people to speak confidently and make a positive impact for many years and I have been a speaker for just about ‘ever’! Believe me when I tell you that lives change when people can stand up and express themselves articulately and confidently. Allow me to help you out of your comfort zone of silence, and find your voice, as you will be so happy you took that step.

Ben Masters

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” These words from Ralph Waldo Emerson are as true today as they ever were. The power of words, either spoken or written, is the foundation stone of my work as an English tutor and freelance writer specialising in education. Working with the Oracy Workshops gives me the perfect opportunity to share my love of language used well. And in a fast-paced world of spin and misinformation, the gift of oracy, being able to speak up for yourself, is empowering. As another writer puts it, “The tongueless man gets his land took.”


Elizabeth Stokoe

Elizabeth Stokoe is Professor of Social Interaction in the Discourse and Rhetoric Group at Loughborough University; Professor II at University of South-Eastern Norway, and a consultant at Typeform. She uses conversation analysis to understand how talk works “from first dates to medical communication and from sales encounters to hostage negotiation". Outside the university, she runs workshops using her communication training method called the "Conversation Analytic Role-play Method". She is a WIRED Innovation Fellow and her research and biography were featured on the BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific. In addition to publishing over 120 scientific papers and books, she is passionate about science communication, translating the world of conversation analysis for audiences of all kinds. She has given talks at TED, New Scientist, Google, Scifoo, Microsoft, and The Royal Institution, and performed at Latitude and Cheltenham Science Festivals. Her book, Talk: The Science of Conversation, is published by Little, Brown (2018).

“I'm delighted to be an Advocate of The Oracy Workshops, as its mission to inspire people to become 'effective speakers and to use real language to achieve practical goals' is closely aligned to my own research-based communication skills training across settings and sectors of all kinds.”